No profession is more noble than being a physician. To earn the trust and honest respect from a fellow human being is the most fulfilling experience of life. Physicians therefore chose medicine as a career for the passion of the work involved.

From the early 90's until today, health care has been changing - managed care proliferation, stringent and complex state and federal regulations, malpractice crises, institutional competition, cost escalation and decreased reimbursement have become a fact of life. Public perception and demand of health care providers has also been changing.

Life-long patients - friends - are forced to change physicians due to their employer's participation with a certain insurance company and their requirements. Loyalty to a physician has become a story of the past.

To respond to this reality of the practice of medicine and cumbersome day-to-day operations, physicians work harder, longer hours, and more and more time is required to manage a medical practice. This takes away precious time for patient care, which is what doctors enjoy the most.

It was for these reasons, that Health Prime International was formed to help all participants - patients, physicians, staff, community, and vendors - achieve the highest level of satisfaction.
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